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Our Risk, Compliance and Regulatory experts are all Hospice Nurses
We know how to integrate processes that will work for your team, so they can focus on patients ... not paperwork

The Amity Group's Risk Management & Compliance Solutions give Hospice Owners, Governing Board Members, and Executives the ability to provide the operational and regulatory oversight necessary to meet the requirements of CMS, State Regulatory Agencies and Accrediting bodies

Compliance CoSourcing or OutSourcing

Due Diligence to CIA Implementation


Our compliance experts will assist your team to implement the processes necessary to integrate risk and regulatory measures into their everyday flow.



Our compliance experts will set up, and monitor all compliance activities necessary to ensure your agencies achieve and maintain simplistic billing integrity assurance.

Reimbursement Maximization

​Amity's Risk Tracking System allows us to identify documentation patterns that could negatively impact an agency's current, or future, reimbursement potential. 

Due Diligence Audits
From new acquisitions to comprehensive regulatory in-house reviews, our team will identify potential concerns, develop detailed plans of correction, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of each plan.  

Corporate Integrity Agreement

Our Hospice & Compliance Experts are experienced in writing, implementing and monitoring CIA Implementation Plans

Mandatory Staff Education/Training 

Our web-based hospice education site will ensure your staff is knowledgeable on the most current hospice regulations, requirements and care modalities. 


Risk Tracking System


Mobile or PC App

Amity's RTS is a web-based application that makes regulatory & quality assurance easy for everyone to understand.

Meaningful Reports

The data collected from the app is specific to each individual agency, making the interventions meaningful and the
results relevant to your staff and patients.
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